Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daft Punk Coke

My initial reaction to Daft Coke was ... YES!  And then I saw the bottles and was sadly disappointed.   I admit, I don't drink Coke.  And I never will.  But if I did I think I would like the idea of some of my favorite bands on the bottle that I drink.  Coke's first Club beverage looked promising... 

the bottle and packaging mimicked the feel of Justice.  But the Daft Punk coke feels like an utter fail to me in that it could be ANY band, just scratch out where it says Daft Punk on the label.  Who picked these colors?  When I think Daft Punk ... I think ... 

Was it too obvious to put little helmets on the Daft Coke bottle?  That would have been entertaining.  

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