Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's Discuss...

I remember reading about an artist who used to blanket the city with conversation stickers over OOH adverts and random people with sharpies could come along and put in a bit of dialogue.  So I have always liked conversations and thought bubbles floating above someone's head in real life.  I have always been fond of comic books after all.

This campaign from Brisbane, Australia was installed in bus shelters to give priority to people who wanted to have a conversation.  Visually, I find it only okay... but I like the concept behind it.  Maybe this works in Australia and it's okay to strike up random conversations with people at the bus stop, like this happy group of people.

Maybe because I am from LA, and no one walks in LA ... let alone take public transit.  [Gross]  [I don't want to get stabbed.]  This wouldn't work...  

And also, priority seating should be given to the elderly ... I'm just saying.  

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