Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's Discuss...

I remember reading about an artist who used to blanket the city with conversation stickers over OOH adverts and random people with sharpies could come along and put in a bit of dialogue.  So I have always liked conversations and thought bubbles floating above someone's head in real life.  I have always been fond of comic books after all.

This campaign from Brisbane, Australia was installed in bus shelters to give priority to people who wanted to have a conversation.  Visually, I find it only okay... but I like the concept behind it.  Maybe this works in Australia and it's okay to strike up random conversations with people at the bus stop, like this happy group of people.

Maybe because I am from LA, and no one walks in LA ... let alone take public transit.  [Gross]  [I don't want to get stabbed.]  This wouldn't work...  

And also, priority seating should be given to the elderly ... I'm just saying.  

Sunday, February 27, 2011

So that's what Wieden + Kennedy looks like

I was expecting more..

Ah advertising agencies.  With all your doggies and brainstorming strategies.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daft Punk Coke

My initial reaction to Daft Coke was ... YES!  And then I saw the bottles and was sadly disappointed.   I admit, I don't drink Coke.  And I never will.  But if I did I think I would like the idea of some of my favorite bands on the bottle that I drink.  Coke's first Club beverage looked promising... 

the bottle and packaging mimicked the feel of Justice.  But the Daft Punk coke feels like an utter fail to me in that it could be ANY band, just scratch out where it says Daft Punk on the label.  Who picked these colors?  When I think Daft Punk ... I think ... 

Was it too obvious to put little helmets on the Daft Coke bottle?  That would have been entertaining.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm a sucker for Mad Magazine-style Fold-ins

This is a fun one...

And I don't think I will ever tire of fold-in advert.  Oh, ha...ha... Get it... "tire"... Because this lovely print ad is for Fat Tire beer. 

Weezer please stop.

The campaign to raise funds so that Weezer would retire did not work... 

and now Weezer is the spokesband for State Farm Insurance:

Honestly, Weezer's rendition doesn't really sound that bad, and Rivers' vocals are done really well and it reminds us of better Weezer times.  But seriously Rivers Cuomo!  This is an all-time low.  The release of Hurley,... the album that featured the mug of Lost character Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, turned out to have no real connection with Lost but more with the partnership with the Hurley brand and the clothing line that coincided with the release of the album.  

But seriously Weezer... it has gotten to the point where the next album should just be titled:

Weezer, sponsored by __________.

Please don't let there be a next album.