Sunday, August 7, 2011

Largest and smallest stop-motion films

Here are some stop-motion films shot with a Nokia N8.

The first one is the LARGEST stop-motion film shot with a Nokia N8:

"Gulp" follows a fisherman fishing for sand fishes.  One fish becomes bait for a much larger fish.  Three Nokia N8s were set on a crane to capture the sand artists who drew this ocean scene.  Watch the Making Of film:

Here's the SMALLEST stop-motion film shot on a Nokia N8 using CellScope technology:

"Dot" shows a slumbering figurine who finds her nap is interrupted when the landscape starts unraveling.  She runs through the miniaturized land trying to avoid the destructive thread.  There are nice little touches in the scenery such as pencil shavings used for ocean waves.

Dot stands at 9mm and they used a 3D printer to "print" out resin copies of the models.  Here is a Making Of film:

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