Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Put it together...

Here is a series of amazing print ads from Vietnam for model kit maker Tamiya:

Elvis Conspiracy

JFK Conspiracy
Judging by the sheen of the advert, these were sadly... only print, and not assembly model inserts, which would have made these ads even more AMAZING!  To have the print ads actually be piece-together-kits would have introduced a level of fun and interactivity.

Marilyn Conspiracy

Moon Conspiracy
These print ads have intricately detailed recreations of historical events, including the "Elvis Conspiracy" with fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, a toilet and a bloated Elvis.  The "JFK Conspiracy" comes with a grassy knoll and a lone gunman.  The "Marilyn Conspiracy" has an ample supply of booze and pills.  The "Moon Conspiracy" has an assemblable film crew for the alleged moon walk.

Roswell Conspiracy
These ads are incredibly intelligent in how it draws in a viewer with these intricate details that can be studied as they recall the details of these conspiracies, including the restricted area signs of Area 51 and the autopsy table of the "Roswell Conspiracy."  The reader "Put(s) it Together" in their mind as they mentally piece these kits together, weaving their own narrative of what might have actually happened.  All the while, these print ads simultaneously communicate firmly the quality of model kits Tamiya offers.  But I can see why this is NOT a real model kit... talk about choking hazard liability... It's a shame because this is the type of ad I would genuinely put together and play with.

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