Monday, August 1, 2011

Flying high above

Here are a couple of ads that are up in the air.

The first one is from Thailand for Big Bloom bubble gum:

They took a pink "marker" balloon typically found in front of shopping centers and fashioned it so it looked like a large bubble, attaching a life-sized child dummy.  It's pretty good way to get attention, yet it is a little creepy.  But it does have a large potential for a media freak out.  Remember the whole balloon boy fiasco?

The second one is from India for the artificial sweetener Sugar Free:

I like the idea of having an ad floating above, but for this particular execution they could have developed a stronger tagline or modified the concept.  It's a shame to have an attention-getting billboard that doesn't really say anything.  

The connection of a "lite" sweetener with a "light" advertisement seems like a mixed metaphor that doesn't really make a strong enough connection to the product.  A viewer might look at a big floating sign and never see the product identification, tagline or bother to make the effort to read it.  Like guy illustrated above, who appears to actually be looking at the ad, the potential customer may be in a bad angle where reading the sign might be difficult.

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