Monday, September 26, 2011

It's a car!

Here is a hipster-home-run-of-a-campaign for the Toyota Yaris featuring comedian Michael Showalter:

Most car commercials are pretty boring in that they pretty much say the same thing on how THIS vehicle is THE breakthrough "innovation."  The Yaris campaign is pretty straightforward with the tagline: "It's a Car!"  The dialog contains the witty sensibility of hipster McSweeney-esque humor, while not being too off-putting for the general masses.

Some of the spots in the campaign are not as fun as the one above as they demonstrate some of the Yaris' feature like "Soft Touch Dash!", "Airbags!" and "Contemporary Styling!":

Some the spots are a little too-aware of hipsterish things [Is that a fixed-gear?], and of course, hipsters hate that kind of stuff:

Overall, the ads are funny showcasing a car comes in a multitude of "Colors!" [but not yellow.  NO.] with the added feature of "Windows!" that go up and down, standard on every car!

All in all, I give this campaign a chk chk chk for its gratuitous use of exclamation points!  !!!

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