Friday, September 30, 2011

No crumb left behind

The Oreo Crumb Case solves the age-old question, exactly what are we going to do with those chocolately crumbs that get left behind in a package of Oreos.  See Exhibit A:
Hello.  I am Exhibit A.
Sure we could dump the plastic tray whole above our heads, catching the remaining cookie remnants with our mouths.  But don't be ridiculous - that is simply uncivilized.  Meet the Oreo Crumb Case: 

Hello, I'm the Oreo Crumb Case.
Simply take those crummy crumbs and seal them in the Crumb Case, which is a tea-bag-like contraption that enables you to dip these crumbs into a refreshing glass of milk.

Put crumbs into Exhibit B.
Hello.  I just rocked your world with Oreo-flavored milk.

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