Monday, November 7, 2011

Unalternative media

Here is an ambient campaign for Kvallspressen Impact in Sweden:


This bike seat reads: "Advertising here is peachy if you want to reach people who like to stare at bike seats." 

This stairwell reads: "Advertising here is really clever if your target group consists solely the people that use this particular staircase."

This t-shirt reads: "Bonjour!  Advertising here is great if you want to reach some ad people "working" in Cannes."

This urinal reads: "Advertising here is swell if you want to reach men who will not remember one bit of your advertising."

Each ad has additional copy stating, "If you'd rather reach 3,988,000 alert Swedes you should buy the Impact Tabloid Package, now offering an extra placement in the tabloids this summer."

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