Saturday, May 7, 2011

I redact my former statement. Flash mobs need to stop.

This "flash mob" for Wells Fargo never really reveals the fact that this dance was orchestrated by the banking giant, and it just comes off as a bunch of street performers. Which is cool, giving the experience an air of authenticity.  Just another ordinary day in Times Square: 

It begins with a bucket drummers, which is always entertaining, and soon other garbage drummers join along, creating a wall of bucket percussive sound.  Dancers join in and they get a couple of breakdancers to join in, and the whole spectacle maintains a sense of realism to the whole street performer vibe.  

But the thing that gets me is song choice.  One Singular Sensation?  Is it because they are in the Big Apple and they gotta do an homage to A Chorus Line?  It just seems kind of lame to me.  The song selection taste levels are not appropriate to the spectacular they are building up to. 

In the end, they never mention it's for Wells Fargo, which is fine.  But what does a dance routine have to do with your checking account?  Is this supposed to inspire me to open a savings account? 

Speaking of lame, here's one from the Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas: 

Well, I gotta give them a few points for trying to be "hip" and "cool" with a flash mob for the congregation.  First off, this is NOT a flash mob.  They have an entire field cleared out for this ... aerobics class.  [Step-touch-step-touch and grapevine...]  There's nothing really surprising about this "flash mob."  Um...there is a professional camera guy in the shot.  And when there are more people dancing than there are watching, that is not a flash mob.  It's a flash-cult.

The "Dance Your Shoes Off" dancers donated a pair of new shoes for missionary people to give to the needy, which is a good thing.  This aspect of social good is completely ignored in this video.  By subtly tying in this idea, it would have made the video stronger in its statement and a lot less creepy to watch. 

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