Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bikini time

Summer's coming so here are a couple bikini ads.

Flash mobs are getting pretty old now, but this one actually works for Pac Sun.  This one is appropriate for the swimwear brand as people at the Grove in Los Angeles gathered to strip and dance to Passion Pit's rendition of La Roux's "I'm Not Your Toy" and Young the Giant's "My Body" to create the mashup "My Body's Not Your Toy."

Dress Irresponsibly.

This is an ad is for La Senza swimwear UK.  It's kind of hokey in a good way, like 80s music video hokey.  A gaggle of bikini-clad girls storm a nudist beach to the sounds of the Naked and the Famous.  Those judge-y nudist shake their heads in disapproval as these sexy ladies ruin their beach day by showing up with  The audacity.  

When the lifeguard tries to wrangle up these bikini gals that are upsetting the nudists, and these trouble-making girls pin him to ground and douse him with oil in an orgy-esque manner. 

There are embedded links to "See More Nudists!" [No thank you.]  "To meet the lifeguard" and to "Meet the girls!"
Be Bold.

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