Monday, July 4, 2011

Google SLAM dunk

Here are some spots from the Google Demo slam series, testing Google products in interesting ways:

Chubby Bunny:

These kids have taken the Chubby Bunny game onto another level as they test their marshmellow-stuffed mouths using the Google mobile search app to see if each participant is enunciating Chubby Bunny well enough.

Extra Spicy:

Using Google Translate, these girls phone order two sides of batsmati rice, fish curry and six samosas.  In Hindi.  

Realtime Karaoke:

These rockers use Google search's realtime Twitter search feed to create an impromtu song around the search term "babe."

Route 66:

Using Google Street View, these virtual roadtrippers project their journey along historic route 66.  Some nice touches include the crew actually stopping at a street-view red light and pulling over for burgers.


Using Google Goggles, they use the image search app to determine if Google's technology could recognize a humanized mini-replica of Mount Rushmore.

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