Monday, July 25, 2011

Sony Tablet Rube Goldberging

Here is the second and third episode of the Rube Goldberg videos for Sony's tablet.  These videos are certainly getting better and are a step up from the slower introductory video.  

From the opening sequence with the colorful marbles falling in coordinated beauty, the tablet has moved away from creepy, disingenuous love and instead asks the more inviting question, "Wanna go?"  This Rube Goldberg machine is certainly more interesting with xylophone marble effects and a lazer light show.  I'm not entirely sure what is happening in the middle, compressed air, perhaps?  But this sequence doesn't slow down the momentum like the first installment of the Sony Rube Goldbergs, mostly because I was sitting there pondering on what was happening in the video.

The third video is my favorite one so far:

This one is more colorful, fun and dynamic where this installation illustrates the tablet's multi-media capabilities with movies, gaming and e-reading.  I liked the use of cd cases for dominoes.    

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