Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Social experimentation

Here are a few "social experimentation" videos.

The first video shows the streaming video of Honest City for Honest Tea.  Pop-up stands were set up in several US cities on an extremely hot July summer day.  

The stands featured the product on sale for $1 with no one attending it, and sometimes there was just a bowl on the table to collect the money.  According to the website, people were pretty honest, where Chicago was the most honest at 99% and New York was the least honest at 86%.  But overall these are really high percentages, which is probably due to the fact that people are just jaded to this type of experimentation and assume they're being filmed.  Didn't Dante say that in Clerks?  The internet response rate was at 90% saying they would leave a dollar, compared to the 94% total city honesty score.

The second one is for Coke in Lima, Peru:

In a crowded area in Lima, a Coca-Cola representative "dropped" his wallet.  His wallet had his identification with a nearby address and $100 in cash.  The question is, if you found a wallet on the street with a little bit of dough in it, would you return it to its rightful owner?  Turns out Purvians were pretty honest and 70% involved in the experiment did return the wallet!  This video shows the passers-by discovering the wallet on the street and returning it to the address.  When they get to the door, they get a happy little SURPRISE!  

The last video is for Global Angels:

The video follows a really clumsy guy who keeps dropping his groceries, and the people who unhesitatingly stop to help him pick up his oranges.  After assisting this guy, he hands over a card which reads, "Everyone helps someone nearby - Not everyone helps someone far away" and the back reads: "Send your help.  Together we can end poverty.  Step up, be an angel." 

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