Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Listen to your bananas

Here is an ambient ad from New Zealand for fair trade All Good Bananas:

Using the "Audio Spotlight," they were able to communicate to one shopper in a crowded supermarket with a narrow high-frequency beam of sound that was transmitted over a floor sticker instructing shoppers to "listen to your conscious."  When someone would stand over the sticker they would hear a private message:

"Hi you can hear me, can't you?  
You're the only one.  
Look around.  No one else can.  See?  
You know who I am?  I'm that inner voice.  I want to talk to you about something.  
Fair trade.  Look at them all.  Those bananas in front of you.  
Which should you buy?  I know.  And you do too.  
They're All Good bananas.  They're the only fair trade ones.  
So you now know which ones to choose.  Make a good choice."

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