Friday, July 29, 2011

Great stuff from Google

This first Google spot has so many things I like.  1)  Anthropomorphized things.  2)  Miniaturized things. 

This tiny little bakery finds itself sandwiched in between two mega shoplexes, with none of the heavy foot traffic heading over in its direction.  So the bakery whips out its laptop and starts a Google AdWords Express campaign, and pretty soon people searching on their Android-powered smart phones are visiting this lovely little organic, anthromorphosized bakery.  Google saves the day!  

This second spot is an Email Intervention

I have often wanted to this in real life.  I am very much a drinker of the Gmail kool-aid, and I don't understand why people hesitate to switch over.  I hear your arguments of how you value your "data" and the old argument of ...'well, my people know this as my email address, I don't want to switch now.'   Stuff and nonsense.  Changing over to a hep email address will communicate how you're "with it" instead of clinging onto that email address, exposing how out of touch you are to modern technology.  As far as your precious data is concerned, #GetOverIt. 

The Email Intervention video has an associated website, which gives the step-by-step process of how to send the Gmail Intervention video to people in your Gmail contact list who have no idea about the joys of Conversation View, Priority Inbox, Gmail Keyboard shortcuts [just keep hitting "J" -- Woohoo!  You've read all the important messages in your inbox]

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