Friday, July 15, 2011

Animated tattoo

Here's an "animated tattoo" for Ballantine blended scotch whiskey.  This Marco fellow volunteered to have a QR inked on his chest live-streamed on Facebook where viewers influenced the tattoo: 

QR codes are tricky and there are considerations to be made in terms of execution.  [Isn't that right, Jet Blue?]  I'm not super into QR codes because I am of the lazy sort.  I don't want to whip out my phone for something that once scanned may be a total disappointment.  This is really cool, and may be a potential conversation starter if Marco continues to walk around the city topless, exposing his tattoo forever.  

The animation is only so-so, but they were the first, so I give them kudos for that, and there may be more QR tattoos in the future.   
[Don't worry you can always cover it up].  

[Um, why do you have a tattoo of a black box?  Long story... ]

Tattoo ettiquette

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