Thursday, July 21, 2011

The rise and fall of Esteban Ortega

Here is a great film created for Doritos:

The film tells the life of Esteban Ortega, champion chip flicker, as he ascends into greatness with his flicking abilities, winning the woman, fame and fortune.  [Did you check out his wheels!]  Then his downward fall when his crown is usurped by an up-and-coming clip flicker.  As ridiculous as this premise is, as any good story does, this film never fails to suspend our disbelief.  We are immersed in Esteban's world where people really do kill birds with a flick of a Doritos chip.

But the associated Dip Desperado app created for the campaign is a bit of a let down:

The graphics in this Doritos mobile app pales in comparison with the stunning film.  Which may explain why most branded apps fail. 

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