Monday, April 11, 2011

"Viral" sale-a-bration

Here is a "viral ad" by Pixar to promote Cars 2:

I think what initially bugs me about this viral vid is the fact that it is live-action.  Pixar produces great CGI-animated films, so why is this campaign live action?  Which in itself is not that bad, but the video is not really compelling nor does it contains the components of the typical weirdness found in viral.

This viral ad mimics low-budget local car dealership commercials usually found on telly in the wee-hours of the night.  There are hints of Pixar-stuff in the background with the mysterious bad-guy in the background and the robot that pops out from underneath the car, which will probably become clearer once the film is released.  

But this ad is such a disconnect from this, the image we have become accustomed to of Cars universe:

To this:

Teasers tend to tie-in with the whole campaign so this video was a gigantic HUH? for me.  Maybe it'll make more sense with the movie, but I don't recall there being a human in the first Cars film. 

But I will say it was incredibly meta to have a fake ad be the platform for your ad. 

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