Thursday, April 14, 2011

The xylophone phone

Some in the blogosphere are incorrectly calling this commercial from Japan for the NTT Docomo a "Rube Goldberg machine."  This Japanese commercial is pretty impressive but it does not have the multitude of moving parts that most Rube Goldberg machines have.

It is a pretty long commercial.  Almost three minutes, but there were no cuts or special effects CGI-ed in.  What was shot was a genuine wooden ball rolling down a xylophone ramp set up in a way so it plays Bach.  There are some "Rube-Goldberg-like" moments when additional xylophone ramps played faster notes in the song, but for the most part this commercial is fairly calm compared to typical Rube-Goldberg machines.  The forest shots are stunning, and the nature setting brings it back to the idea of the wood shell for the SH-08C phone.

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