Monday, April 4, 2011

What do you use Twitter for?

Overall, I like this Twitter advert.  They have a hodgepodge of celebrities/experts showing why and how they use Twitter.  But the pace of the video is a bit slow and it goes on a little too long. 

Considering the brand is a real-time, fast-paced environment, this advert seems contradictory to the product.  The astronaut part is interesting, in the fact you can tweet from outer space.  I wonder if @Astro_Paolo has checked in.  But seriously, this ad clocks in under 3 minutes, which [once again] goes against the whole Twitter brand of nano-communication.  But I guess they're focusing on the connection that can occur on this channel.

The copy being typed in to the box is a little too reminiscent of Google's better advert, which has a focused, developed storyline:

I wonder about the musicians they have chosen to highlight in the video.  I am a big fan of @Yelle but 1) don't follow them because they're not a grand Twitter tour de force.  It's interesting they didn't choose to highlight some of the people who have made Twitter a phenomenon, such as Ashton Kutcher, Oprah, Justin Bieber*... etc. [Twitter has servers devoted to 3% of their Justin-Bieber-related content].

But I guess they're trying to make the Twitter brand a wholesome environment filled with discovery rather than the noisy marketplace it is.  They have inadvertently showcased what the Twitterverse is truly like: a bunch of people yakking in less than 140 characters with no real story behind it. 

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