Friday, April 8, 2011

Down and out in Nehru Place

This is an OOH campaign from India to raise awareness for the only beer bar in super-crowded Nehru Place. 

So they hired seven guys to be drunken, passed-out human-directional-markers that would lead foot traffic toward First Floor bar.  For a week these guys were supposed to be "happy passed-out drunks" with printed t-shirts saying how close passersby were to the bar.  The look of the campaign is kind of cheesy, and far different from the sign-holding antics we're accustomed to in America, but apparently this campaign was effective in getting more customers.  The bar gets packed now, and it did generated a lot of word-of-mouth.  The actors didn't *seem* "drunk" to me... they just looked sleepy, and this campaign had a lot of potential for some really drunken antics.

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