Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm not sick of flash mobs quite yet

More people should just bust out dancing in real life.  

Here is a flash-mob from Bucharest for Lipton Ice Tea.  In WTF situations like these, flash mobs are better in populated areas when people least suspect it.  

The thing about this particular flash-mob is that there is such a DIY-non-professional-dancer esthetic to it, which comes off as more genuine and real.  Fortunately this dance is tied to a product that can be easily given away as samples.  Free food!  Yes, let's dance!

This flash mob for American Airlines in Los Angeles, on the other hand, while being extremely polished, looks too staged; thus, fake.  And in the eyes of the internets: a fail.  And there really isn't much of a connection to flying to this dance routine.  It opens up with a father and daughter and I guess they're "in on it."  It adds some sort of story element to the dance, but isn't necessary considering no one was really watching them in the beginning to make the connection it's part of the dance.*

*[Oh you're not seeing the long-term, when it goes VIRAL they'll see it all in action]**

**[[Trust me, this is not going to go VIRAL.]]

It seemed like the majority of the people in that plaza were there to do the dance.  The dorky dance includes these professional dancers "flying," so the handful of people that were watching might have riddled it out that it was for an airline.  The only moment there was brand identification was at the end when they lifted up suitcases to form the American Airlines logo.  Which only benefits the people in the high-rises, and the four people on the ground have no idea it was for AA.* 

*If they were even watching to begin with.     

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