Monday, April 18, 2011

Are we sick of 3D projection mapping?

No not quite yet.

Especially when it's done in a new way.  This installation was done for the Hyundai Accent in Malaysia:

It starts like most typical 3D projection mapping adverts with the shifting walls and the sound of moving concrete, which makes me wonder if there is only one shop that is doing all this work.  A projected Accent shows on-screen, but then images start to get wavvy, as if it was a really cool part of the projection.   But then the white sheet falls, revealing the product.  Very nice touch.  A wall-climber in a Tron outfit gets inside the vehicle, turns the headlights on, and the real show begins. 

We get to see the car zooming around the city, jumping off cliffs - action-movie-style.  The Accent's wheels are actually spinning as a side screen provides a projection of the moving landscape speeding by.  

Then I'm not sure where the car goes during the epic finale.  Into another dimension?  Into Tron-land?  Does another white screen pop up to hide the Hyundai?

All in all, this is an amazing ad.  Too bad it's for such a crappy car.

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