Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm really looking forward to June 11th

For the month of June, Dogmatic restaurant in NY is offering either a FREE or $1 signature sausage dog, depending on what day it is.

 There are some really interesting looking hot-dog days coming up:

Here's all the shenanigans for the month of June:

June 1st - Identical twins
June 2nd - Redheads
June 3rd - Nannies
June 4th - Bowties
June 5th - People who go to the gym
June 6th - People with really old cell phones
June 7th - People taller than 6'5''
June 8th - Canadian tuxedos
June 9th - People from Missouri
June 10th - You and your boss
June 11th - People in period costume
June 12th - People who just went to a movie
June 13th - Full sleeves [tattoo-wise]
June 14th - Pregnant women
June 15th - People who can solve this math problem
June 16th - Scuba instructors
June 17th - Handlebar moustaches
June 18th - Newlyweds
June 19th - You and your dad
June 20th - Pink socks
June 21st - People who skateboard
June 22nd - Dentists
June 23rd - Ty Manning & Dr. Goldstein
June 24th - 41-year-olds
June 25th - Flower bouquets
June 26th - Old-fashioned pocket watches
June 27th - People born on October 13th
June 28th - Men with ponytails
June 29th - Australians
June 30th - JIMMY FALLON

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