Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Here is a Twitter campaign from Bonafont bottled water in Brazil:

Mini-fridges filled with Bonafont bottled water were sent to influential Tweeters. Using a light sensor, timer and a lot of gadgety stuff, this tweeting fridge posted tweets.

The first time the fridge is opened the @InfluentialTweeter gets a tweet:

Hello @InfluentialTweeter!!! I'm in your fridge.  Let's share with the world the experience we have together.  Go to and allow me.

Then every time the fridge is opened another tweet is posted on @InfluentialTweeter's timeline with tweets like:

There were a variety of different messages, including messages to remind @InfluentialTweeter by DM to drink water when the fridge has not been opened in a while.

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