Monday, June 27, 2011

Stop! It's lego time.

Here are a few spots for Lego, including a couple of outdoor posters in Malaysia:

This is what AR+Lego looks like.  The lego bus posters blend into the city background, adding a lego-fied multi-eyed slug, lego robots playing hide-and-go-seek and a lost urban orca into the landscape.  If we only had an augmented reality app that would Lego-fy our everyday surroundings so everything looks like lego.

Here is a video for the Lego Builders of Infinity website game:

Visitors of the website build a lego bridge to get the little lego guy to the other side.   There are different brick colors and sizes to choose from, as well as special bricks that vanish, crumble, fall or speed up when the little lego guy jumps across them. 

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