Friday, June 17, 2011

Bookmark tells you... You are here.

Here is another bookmark campaign from India.  These are "GPS bookmarks" created for the Ford Endeavour, showcasing the vehicle's GPS geolocational positioning.  A small window frame in the middle of the bookmark shows the reader the exact word(s) they left off at.  

The GPS bookmark was distributed in bookstores and were given to customers purchasing travel books.  While I like this bookmark, and it is actually the perfect bookmark for me since I read at a snail-like pace, often getting distracted and then wasting reading-time trying to figure out where I left off, I just wonder how many of these bookmarks were actually given away.  This pic showcases a sample book "Driving Holidays ..." but these types of books only represents a small fraction of the type of travel books there are and an even smaller percentage of people who purchase these types of travel books.  

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