Saturday, June 25, 2011

Immature signs

Italian sunglasses maker Glassing wanted to promote their new Music Skin collection at MIDO, an international optical fair, but the price for a booth was too expensive.  So they thought of way to promote the sunglasses for in a more cost-effective way that fits within the brand's "immature" personality. 

The Glassing female street team situated themselves at the entrance and secretly attached fliers on the backs of people entering MIDO.  Most passersbys did not mind to have these lovely females tapping them on the back.

The stunt is pranksterish, but it fits in with Glassing's "immature" brand.  It's gotta be a little obnoxious to find out you've been walking around a conference with a sign on your back, but this stunt was done in a way that it comes off as more funny than annoying. 

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