Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't use the word "viral" in an ad

There have been some crappy viral campaigns coming out, like this "press conference" with Ford ... and Doug the puppet? 

The first time, I got to 1:33 before I found something better to do.  The jokes were pretty awful.  Viral cannot be forced.  It gets worse with the one-on-one interview with Doug and pretty pants.  And apparently... there are going to be a whole series of webisodes with Doug.  Unfortunately...

And then there was the LOSS protests for GE appliances.

This advert seem really tasteless considering very serious and very real protests happening around the world.  And at the end, "NOTICE: ... "You, on the other hand, understand this is an elaborate joke.  We hope it makes you chuckle.  Or chortle.  Or both."  Interesting way to get around legal copy copywriters, but it draws attention to the fact 1) the suspension of disbelief has been broken 2) if you have to say it's a joke, it's not funny.

Last one, and I actually like this one.  But I have a soft spot for nerdy boys.  It has the right percentage of hokey.  It is a little too long, but of course it's a "music video."  And they brought back the Kid n' Play...


It just works for me, until the faux tour when they walk into the "viral video" department.  That just kills it. 

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