Friday, March 18, 2011

I like building projections but...

this one in Sydney for Hot Wheels wasn't doing for me at first.

It seemed too cartoonish and I felt like I was at a theme park.  Well, it's for Hot Wheels... that's a toy, right?  ...So it can have child-like effects, it's for a toy car after all.  But for me, the perpetual child, it was annoying.  Then a fire starts and the sprinklers turn on to douse the flames, and that's when it starts to get interesting.  The "race track" fills up with water, and for some reason, there's a shark now in the race track / race tank.  How did that get in there?  Which I only pondered on afterwards...  My immediate reaction in seeing the shark was similar to when I watched Open Water for the first time [and ONLY time] ..."I hope the shark eats one of em!"

It gets progressively more challenging for these Hot Wheels race participants.  Driving underwater, for one.  That's gotta suck a little, and it's interesting to watch the cars float back to the track.  And then grinding gears that takes out another competitor.  That's kind of cool.  So why wasn't this Hot Wheels Secret Race like death match from the start?  The skull announcer was a real turn off and they should have just nixed that guy to focus on more crazy race obstacles. 

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