Thursday, March 17, 2011

How do we make mini-giraffes a reality?

I'm not really that fond of this campaign, but the true breakout star is the little giraffe.  There's a lot of gold blinging in the background that are superfluous to the fact that there is a mini-giraffe on a treadmill.  !!!

If the ads just featured the mini-giraffe, they'd save so much time not having to hunt for gold props.  Just as cats are evil bitches sometimes, giraffes are majestic bitches that will continue eating their leaves, completely ignoring you at the zoo.  So at the end when the giraffe blows a kiss it becomes unbelievable* because giraffes are stoic in their grandeur.    

*Well, mini giraffes are unbelievable to begin with... so why not have them act ridiculous.**

**Because it makes the mini-giraffe appear "cartoonish" rather than a majestic bitch it is.

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