Sunday, March 6, 2011

It was only a matter of time... a flash-mob commercial

First off, I love the whole "we-dance-in-slow-motion-in-this-fast-paced-business-world" execution.  

Perhaps this is a cultural thing.  Like how Japanese people prefer television programming where the commentators and actors "break," whereas "breaking" is seen as unprofessional in the US.  But here is a flash-mob style commercial from Japan.  Another major sexy thing about this commercial is poppin and lockin in a suit... talk about hot.  Men [listen closely now...] it is an automatic 50 points if you are in a suit, and if you can dance like crazy... [oh baby].  The choregraphy is amazing, but I guess I miss the elements that make flash-mob videos great in the US... the audience reaction.

Everyone in the background seems really nonplussed that a suited army is waltzing by the Midtown Tower in downtown Tokyo.  There are a few lookie-loos, but for the most part all these great dance sequences are happening in mostly non-populated areas so we miss all those wtf expressions on passerbys.  Which again, may be a more cultural thing... or not an emphasis of the campaign, considering I don't speak Japanese and I don't know what is being said in the song.

Another great touch, [there are a few] at the end when they place their mobile over their hearts.  Because we are tethered to these devices... we need our mobiles to live.  Perhaps that sounds dramatic, but there are times when I fell asleep with my mobile in my hand.  My iPhone is always with me wherever I go.  But I will say, this is a rather large device.  It won't fit in my skinny jeans... so I will stick to my iPhone. 

Man... I'd really like a translation of this commercial. 

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