Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In between the sheets in LivingSocial's bed...

How many adverts have been inspired by Japanese popculture?  Like the Old Navy Mannequins for instance reminds me too much of one of the most creepiest, best Japanese TV shows Oh Mikey! 

LivingSocial has a series of adverts that takes this style of performance that I've seen from Japanese TV shows.

Here's one of the LivingSocial adverts I really dig:

In the Japanese version, the players-dressed-in-black, the ones who do all the scene changes, are somewhat incognito.  We can see them in the background, but for the most part they are not the focal point.  In the LivingSocial advert, sometimes the players are kinda camouflaged, but there are instances when they're too visible such as skydiving scene when the background players are dressed in light-colored clothing.  I mean, it is logical ... you can't some bloke all-in-black in the middle of an azure sky... and that's what makes the LivingSocial advert is so daring because it takes it out of one static scene and drives the narrative through a multitude of events.  Perhaps this motif is quintessentially an American-style of advert that has been popular lately; one of the rapidly shifting scene, woven seamlessly together.  Think: Old Spice; those stop-motion Kindle adverts.  In this particular LivingSocial commercial, the transition from the massage table to the skydiving scene and the mimicking of the opening parachute... is just absolutely brilliant. 

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