Sunday, March 13, 2011

Test drive a print ad

First off, I really like the concept of this print ad for Volkswagen from Norway.  Really I do.  It's hard to find really good interactive print ads.  

But I think what troubles me about this print ad is when you remove one element out of the equation.  If a reader sees only the print ad that's basically a picture of a road in a magazine [and they never show the copy in this little video.  Maybe because it's all in Norwegian and I wouldn't understand anyway] is the copy compelling enough for you want to take your phone out and actually take the five minutes to download the app?  And vice versa, if you're browsing the iTunes store and you see a "driving Volkswagen car game app," and download it ... what do you do if you don't have that particular print ad?       

So essentially what was designed was an iPhone app, and there happens to be an associated print ad also.  While I do like this idea, the print ad doesn't have to be present to operate the app and I think that's what I find bothersome about the video's description of "innovative print ad"... because the print ad in itself is ancillary and not necessary to the experience. 

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