Saturday, March 12, 2011

I confess... I am in love with World Order

I previously blogged about the Dell Streak commercial from Japan that features the dance troupe World Order.  I prattled on how I wish they were dancing in more populated areas so we could see the WTF expressions of people passing by.

Well, I found one...

So this is World Order dancing in NY.  This is exactly what I wanted!  Their dancing is just absolutely mesmerizing.  I love watching the reactions of the crowds of people watching.  The people who totally ignore this dance troupe dancing in slow-motion is pretty entertaining too.  And then there are the people who are watching, but go on what they're doing because the light turned green or they realized they have other shit to do.  I love at the end when they finish their dance routine and are "running away" and one guy is stuck because a tree is in his way.  At 3:11 there's a huge UFC poster in the background, which is kind of funny, because it turns out Genki Sudo, the lead singer, is a former mixed-martial arts fighter... really!  

And then, I found another more flash-mob style video...
This is a longer version where they dance in more populated areas in Japan:

While I have already featured videos that essentially have the same dance moves, why is it still fresh with each viewing?  I love watching their slow-mo-walk dance.  There is so much beauty, artistry in it.  This one has more of a narrative where World Order breaks into a Buddhist temple, and dance in there until they are discovered in there after hours and they promptly run away [in slow motion].  They do a quick shot the shoes they take off before the entering the temple, which is a nice touch.  This longer version shows a dance sequence World Order does during their live performances... which is kind of amazing.  Esp. when Genki Sudo clutches his beating heart and the dancers arms are flailing in the background... Again, I do not know really the lyrics.. but I feel the emotions in this dance... 

World Order is officially my new favorite "thing" of the moment. 

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