Wednesday, March 16, 2011

While we're on the subject of guerrilla marketing...

Well, I don't really consider this to be very guerrilla... here is an OOH from the Philippines created for a shampoo to illustrate how their intense hydration formula gives you that "wet hair" look.    ??? 

I think there are several things that bother me about ad: 1) the store is kind of already packed with a lot of stuff, and you place your message on the floor, [which is not a bad thing ... there's lots of really good floor decals out there], but this is ad and those wet floor signs are taking lot available floor space so customers cannot comfortably roam the store.  2) The combination of putting a floor decal and those caution "Wet Floor" signs is troubling.  I think at this point we are kind of conditioned to walk away from wet floor signs because that signals... um, there's a wet floor ahead.  It is slippery, because it is wet and we want to stay away from the slippery, wet floor so we automatically walk AWAY from the wet floor area... like how this woman above is doing, walking super close to store shelves so she can avoid this "wet floor" area.  Do we really need four wet floor signs?  I can imagine someone knocking one of them over, and at that point someone may actually slip on one of those wet floor signs.  This ad is a fire and safety hazard.  

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