Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh the possibiliTEAs!

People like schwag.  Revised statement... people like to get stuff for free.  People will take your schwag, but the odds they'll end up tossing it at the end of the conference or trade show is pretty high.  Who wants to lug around lame schwag when there's a booth passing out better schwag.  Or that person will come to the realization that this is something they'll never use in their lifetime, so they chuck it.  And all the branding efforts of putting your organizational contact information is wasted on garbage fodder.  

So mostly I don't like schwag because it's pretty cringe-worthy, but I kind of like this one from Cape Town, South Africa for the UCT Graduate School of Business.  

The Tea Chest and Travel Tea Box are used to illustrate the "Full Color Thinking" of the PossibilitTEAs with an education at UCT Graduate School.  The fact that there isn't an obvious link from tea to a business school is overlookable with the cool packaging and concept.  An argument can probably be made but ... it isn't overtly apparent or applicable to most business school students.  The idea of PossibiliTEAs is a little hokey, but it is light enough where it's not off-putting and is actually pretty comical.  I'm a hard-core caffeine gal, but if I saw this I would probably drink these teas.

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