Monday, March 28, 2011

Slutty cat

This is a campaign from France for AIDES awareness.  Oh warning, this is from Europe and commercials are more sexually daring over there.

I do like this PSA's old-school animation with Joan Jett blaring in the background.  But I think the last AIDES Paris commercial where there is focus on using protection was more effective:

I prefer the "Graffiti" commercial over Smutley the cat.  The animation is really clever, and the anthromorphsized penis is interesting in how it moves throughout the scene.  There is a definite focus on condom use*, whereas, Smutley just resorts to a tagline to make the point... "He's got nine lives.  You've only got one.  Protect yourself" and he continues to just bang every animal in sight. 

*I hope that girl threw away that eyeliner.

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