Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get me off of Diesel Island

This is really disappointing since I've always liked Diesel's innovative campaigns.  

Like the Heidis:

Have you lost your edge makers of Diesel adverts?  Diesel Island seems so amateurish compared to what Diesel typically puts out.  As if it was a parody of itself, a feeble attempt in trying to replicate the feel of a Diesel campaign that falls flat on its face upon execution.  Maybe it is the bearded spokesperson who does nothing for me.  Ordinarily I enjoy a good beard, but there are many different kind of beards...  sexy beards, professorial beards, hipster beards, mountain-man beards, but this beard is creepy-homeless-man-behind-the-7-11-beard.  So from the get go... this advert is a gigantic So What.  So what you have a creepy beard man that says FUCK.  Am i supposed to care that he has a potty mouth?  Does that mean he is postmodern and edgy because he cusses... 

So we launch into the backstory, the history of Diesel Island.  Who picked the music for this?  It's so cheese, and not in a good way.  Every single joke was cringe.

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